Tuesday, 11 March 2014

You can impact your skin's future!

Skincare should be a regular part of your healthy lifestyle...


While looking good means feeling good, unfortunately, many of us don't feel as confident in our skin as we’d like to. 

According to Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields (makers of Proactiv and Rodan + Fields Skincare), one recent survey found that less than 10 percent of women truly love their complexion.

The good news is that If you are like me and among the other 90 percent who don't truly love their completion...you can impact your skin's future. 

The first thing you need to do is address your primary skin concerns with a targeted skincare routine that is clinically proven to restore a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion.

Your skin condition didn’t happen overnight. It will take time to see results, just like going to the gym. If you want to lose weight and tone your body going to the gym once a week isn't exactly the way to achieve your goal. But if you eat healthy and go to the gym regularly - eventually you will achieve your goal. Your skincare should follow the same routine. In order to restore your healthy glow, you need to make your skincare regimen a regular part of your daily routine...night and day and not just the odd time.

Stay consistent and track your progress. Focus on what you love about your complexion—and the progress you are making. Feeling good about the reflection you see in the mirror and your progress will go a long way toward positively affecting the outcome.

...and remember, a healthy lifestyle includes skincare xo

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