Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why using an exfoliater with micro-beads is bad!

Skincare should be a regular part of your healthy lifestyle...

As women we all love the feeling of our smooth skin after a good exfoliation. But did you know that the micro-beads found in some exfoliators are actually polluting our lakes?

Our Great Lakes are being polluted with tiny polyethylene beads that are most commonly found in exfoliating facial scrubs, but they can also appear in some body washes and even toothpastes. Americans buy products containing 573,000 pounds of these beads every year. Incredibly, a single tube of facial scrub contains approximately 330,000 beads. Holy Moly!!

These micro-beads wash down our drains, and accumulate in our oceans and even flow into our Great Lakes. These tiny plastic beads can be mistaken for fish food and are toxic for our fish. They also soak up toxins like PCBs and pesticides in the water. Currently, there's no known way to get rid of the beads from our lakes because they're so tiny.

Rodan + Fields
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