Friday, 28 March 2014

It's official...I'm no longer a "cool" mom.

Today my son and I slept in so I had to drive him to school. The highlight of my morning was when Vanilla Ice came on the radio and rapped his famous "Ice Ice Baby."

Lucky for my 10 year old son I know every single word to this song and was able to display my excellent rapping skills for him...I threw in some wicked heads bobs and car dance moves as well. I looked over to my son expecting him to be dancing along with me but to my astonishment her was horrified.

When we stopped at the light he actually begged me to stop singing and dancing. As we pulled up to his school, being the wonderful thoughtful mom that I am, I rolled down the window, turned up the music, and sang louder.

I don't think I've ever seen my son get out of the car so quickly in my life. As a good mother should, I let my son know that I loved him very much by yelling it out the window over my blaring music and then pulled away smiling from his school. Yes...I am a wonderful parent, and I love to embarrass my 10 year old son on occasion. It's one of the perks I get as moms for giving him life.

As I was driving home and singing along to my old school music (NKOTB Step by Step was playing on the radio at this point), I started thinking about my high school days.

I was a competitive swimmer back in high school and trained 9 times a week. No that is not a mis-type I did train 9 times a week. Before and after school. Because I was regularly in a chlorine soaked pool my skin used to get unbelievably dry. I'm not talking about that tight skin dry feeling...I'm talking about flaky, scaly dry. (Gross I know).

Back then I did moisturize my skin after swimming but I used whatever cheap brand I could find at the drug store. It didn't matter what kind as long as it was cheap.

Now that I blog about skincare, I wish I had invested the money and bought a good moisturizer, because I now know the earlier you start a good skincare regimen the better.

I thought I would share some of my favorite moisturizers for you and perhaps you can pass what I have learned onto your daughters to help get them to start a skincare regimen sooner rather than later.

Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer contains humectants to rehydrate skin and dimethicone to help repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to smooth and soften rough, dry, bumpy skin, leaving it effectively moisturized all day long. I love this because it is created by Dermatologists.

Body Cream

Kiehl's Creme de Corps body cream is great for hydrating dry skin. It contains Jojoba Butter, Olive Fruit Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. It helps skin to maintain its natural moisture balance and prevents moisture loss.

Rodan + Fields
AVEENO® Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion contains a triple oat formula and Shea butter that helps soothe extra-dry, itchy skin.

Rodan + Fields 

Hope this post made you laugh and helped you learn a bit about skincare!

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  1. Haha! My mother used to be the embarrassing one when I was younger. I thought it was horrible then, but when I meet my old classmates now they always ask "How's your mother? I always thought she was so cool" Good tips with the moisturizer. Skincare and the right bra are things I will learn my daughter (if I ever get one) when she grows up. xx