Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Skincare Myth Busters

Skincare should be a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.
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I've compiled some common misconceptions regarding skincare. Let me know what your think...

UV Light from tanning beds is safer than sun
Some people mistakenly believe tanning beds are a safer alternative to basking in the sun, but the truth is, just because you don’t get burned doesn’t mean you’re safe. Studies have found a 75 percent increase in the risk of melanoma in those who have been exposed to UV radiation from indoor tanning.  Play it safe and get your faux glow from a sunless tanner. 

It takes a real tan to be a fan of your skin:
A little glow can go a long way but your glow doesn’t need to and shouldn’t come from the beach or a tanning bed. A faux tan from a bottle can provide an immediate skin pick-me-up.
For best results, select a foaming sunless tan to prevent streakiness and look for a formula that builds slowly over time. Before applying sunless tanner, use a skin exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and ensure an even glow. Go for the faux glow one to three times per week, and discover how a hint of color can help you radiate an outer glow and an inner confidence all season long. 

Results last forever
If you stopped highlighting your hair would it stay blond? Not for long. The same is true for skincare. You need to use the products to make them work...and there are no shortcuts or miracles. It takes consistent and constant use to get and maintain benefits. So if your skin is improving, don’t slack off—it means your skincare is working. Stick with your regimen and you’ll continue to see results.

You can never have too much of a good thing
Always use your skincare products as directed and remember that more, doesn’t always mean better. For example, using an #anti-age product three times a day won’t give you triple the benefits.

The best way to shine is through Make-up
Makeup, such as blush or powder containing the sparkly substance known as mica, can set your skin up for irritation. A little bit of mica goes a long way, and too much can irritate and inflame skin.
Instead, enhance your appearance with a mineral peptide—it will not only give you a healthy-looking, natural glow, it also evens skin tone and soothes any redness. For added radiance, try using a bronze shade of mineral peptides instead of your usual blush. 

Sugar is worse for your waistline
There’s no doubt sugar is bad for your waistline, but the truth is, it also has a major impact on your skin. Recent studies have shown sugar causes an inflammatory reaction in your skin, which may accelerate skin aging. Give your skin a treat and just say no to sugary foods as often as possible.

...and remember, a healthy lifestyle includes skincare

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