Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day to Night Make-Up Tips

Skincare should be a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.

Clean up
The first step in going from day makeup to night makeup is erasing the damage to your look you've done throughout the day. Use a good Blot paper to remove any oils that may have built up over the day.
Pay special attention to your T-zone, as these are the areas that tend to build up shine. Wipe away any eye makeup that may have smeared, and touch up your foundation and concealer if it's needed. 

For a sultry nighttime look, use a darker shade of your daytime eye shadow to enhance your eyes. Add some to the creases above your eyes, then use the same shade around the outside corners and under your bottom lashes.
Apply eyeliner to your top lash, and use liquid eyeliner if you want to add a little more to the look. Avoid adding more mascara, since adding new mascara on top of old usually results in clumps.

You don't need as much blush at night as you do during the day. Since you've been up and at it for hours, your blood is probably pumping well and doing a good job of giving you a rosy complexion. If you do touch up your blush, don't add much more than you started with.
Your nighttime look needs a little bit of sparkle. Use a shimmer powder to highlight your cheekbones, chin, forehead and neck. If you're showing skin around your shoulders, collar bone or cleavage area, add some there, too.

To take your pout from day to night, apply a lip color that's a few shades darker than your natural lip color. Top it off with a high-shine lip gloss to add that extra something you need at night.
Since you're going heavy on the eyes, be careful not to overdo it on your lips. If you want to use an especially dark or bright lip color to help your nighttime look pack a punch, add less eye shadow. Trying to highlight both will leave you looking less like a hot mama, and more like a circus clown.

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