Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Smooth Sailing For Your Face with Micro-dermabrasion


You can slather on the moisturizer and the anti-aging creams, but if you want to go to the next level of skin rejuvenation, consider facial microdermabrasion.

Exfoliating your skin is a popular anti-aging regimen, and one readily available procedure is microdermabrasion. 

Just don’t confuse it with dermabrasion, which is a deeper removal of skin layers with a longer healing time and must be done by a physician, such as a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Facial microdermabrasion can be done at home and is much cheaper that going to a spa, or the doctor’s office.

Skin microdermabrasion in a nut-shell, means "sanding" some of the top skin layer. Skin looks rejuvenated because microdermabrasion softens fine lines and shallow wrinkles and  you’ll see an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and your skin will look revived.

sun damage
Rodan + Fields Micro-dermabrasion Past available in US and Canada at www.suemiller.mrandf.com/ca

Time and money are the biggest reasons people prefer a microdermabrasion such as Rodan + Fields Microdermarasion Paste.

Rodan + Fields Microdermabrasion Paste can be used once a week. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to limit treatments to once every two weeks.

Find our which regimen is best for your skin type: www.suemiller.myrandf.com/ca

Combine this with your daily Rodan + Fields regimen and you've got a power packed combination for glowing, youthful skin.

As always for all your skincare needs pop by my Rodan + Fields website. If you have questions about regimens or are interested in the business opportunity send me a message from my site....Would love to connect....Sue


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