Monday, 8 September 2014

Go "naked" when you excercise

Doing any physical activity increases your circulation, delivers vital nutrients to your skin, reduces stress and slows the aging keep it up!
But before you hit the gym, or the great outdoors...“go naked.”
Wearing makeup during a workout leaves you with a greater risk for clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts.


Before your morning workout cleanse your face, but avoid any heavy products that will smear and sweat off. If you’re working out after a day of wearing makeup and can’t wash your face beforehand, wipe your face with a makeup-removing cloth.
To help avoid body acne, stick to workout gear that wicks moisture away from the body—lightweight, loose-fitting cotton or microfiber—and make sure any athletic gear you’re using fits properly. 

If you’re a surfer, that means wearing a wetsuit that’s not too constricting, especially under the arms. 

If you’re a cyclist, make sure the chinstrap on your helmet isn’t so tight that it rubs against your skin, triggering a pimple flare. 

And never, ever stew in your own sweat. That’s how bacteria thrives and breakouts can occur. As soon as you’ve finished working out, head to the shower and follow with your normal skincare routine.
No matter what your calorie-burning nirvana is, “going naked” while you exercise is the best path to keeping your skin in great shape.

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