Monday, 7 April 2014

My Countdown to turning 40 - Fashion Faux-Pas of the 1980's


So tonight Paul and I were watching Dancing with the Stars and I asked him what were some of the nasty trends he remembers from the 1980' its like a light went off in his head and he rambled off: Cougar Boots, Moon Boots, Scrunchies, Acid washed jeans, jelly Shoes, Drakkar Noir, United Colors of Beneton, and Polo Cologne

Hello, my name is Sue and yes I am guilty of wearing Acid washed jeans and Jelly shoes in the 1980's. Those are two fashion trends I am truly hoping do not make a comeback!!

I can remember walking down to the local "Bargain Harold's" which was like a Dollar Store and buying a pair of poorly made Jelly Shoes. I of coarse chose neon pink jelly shoes, as this was my preferred colour in the 1980's. 

Every little girl had a preferred neon colour back in the 1980's and your outfit was centered around your one preferred colour. 

I remember, one of my lifelong oldest and dearest  friends Mary (we are still great friends after over 30 years), got an awesome outfit for her 10th birthday, and I was so jealous. Her parents bought her a pair of black pleather (no not a spelling error, not leather, but a plastic/leather type combo pant called pleather) pants, with a rocking short sleeved t-shirt that had HOT written in neon pink written across the front.


I was so jealous of her amazing outfit. 30 years later...I still bug her about what I know know was a GOD awful outfit. But in the 1980's...she rocked that HOT t-shirt and pleather pant combo! (The picture shown doesn't do her outfit justice, but you get the idea!) Now that Mary is a mother of a young daughter...I'm not sure this outfit would fly with her and her husband. lol.

Scrunchies. Yes...Scrunchies. These were awesome to tie your hair backn the 80's. You could even match your scrunchie with you outfit.As a pre-teen, I had about 50 different coloured scrunchies. 

I promise you, in my 40's you will not find one scrunchie in my house. They were great for the 1980's but that is exactly where they needed to stay. I use the term "needed to stay" because there are still women who have not received the memo that scrunchies were supposed to be left in the 80's, maybe early 90's, but definitely not in the 2000's. 


One piece of fashion advice ladies...if you still own a scrunchie and use it, time to turn the page. You are aging yourself with your scrunchies. Simply eliminating this one accessory alone, will automatically make you look 10 years younger...I promise!

Stay tuned for more posts as I walk down memory lane as I countdown the days until I turn 40!!

Sue xo

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