Friday, 9 October 2015

Beyond The Shave - Skincare Tips For Men

Men skincare

Ever get the sense that today’s men are more forthright than ever about swapping skincare tips and manicure hotspots? You’re not imagining it. 

From “manscaping” to “manscara,” research shows that men are increasingly taking cues from women in the grooming department as they become more invested..and invest more money, in their overall appearance.

So just how far will men go to stay competitive in the looks department? Alot of it really depends on a man’s age. 

Millennials are definitely taking the lead in terms of image-conscious self-styling, with more young men embracing the must-have “man bag” and “man bun.” 

On average 22 percent of the 18 – 34 generation think eyebrow waxing is perfectly acceptable for a man to use versus a mere 4 percent among Baby Boomers.

Men are also becoming more receptive to new skincare habits that can improve their appearance. 

In the United States 54 percent of men use moisturizer, eye cream and other skincare products.

Good News - Rodan + Fields has great products that men can combine to help eliminate razor burn while addressing antiage skincare.

skincare shaving

UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash is an all-in-one shave cream and facial cleanser to soften facial hairs for a smoother shave.

SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment is a hydrating lotion featuring our proprietary RFp3 peptide technology to soothe freshly shaved skin 

REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment is a power-packed moisturizer with peptides and broad spectrum SPF 30 to smooth and protect your skin.

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