Thursday, 24 September 2015

Men have it easy when it comes to aging skin!


Have you ever noticed that as men age they become more distinguished looking. A bit of gray hair, and their skin still looks the same as it did when they were in their 40's?

Yet, as woman our skin seems to begin sagging and developing deeper wrinkles early on into our 40's.

This is because female skin actually ages faster than our male counterparts...Unfair, yes I know!

Why does this happen? Well, Collagen production declines with age in both sexes, but women lose it more rapidly than men. 

Our skin’s suppleness is determined by collagen and elastin - fibers beneath the skin that give it structure and contour - and they are key to maintaining a youthful look. When collagen weakens, our skin loses its firmness, resulting in wrinkles, creases and sagging.

The good news is that the appearance of wrinkles, lines, spots and more can improve with regular use of the right ingredients and formulas.

Rodan + Fields’ REDEFINE Regimen was specifically formulated to address the concerns of aging skin with powerful ingredients, like peptides and hyaluronic acid.

So although women technically age faster than men, with the right skincare, they can defend their skin against time and might even end up looking better tomorrow than they did today.

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