Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sun-kissed Look Without The Sun's Hook


As women we often think that the way our skin ages is because of out genes. But it's not our genes that determine our skins future but our habits!

DNA actually only accounts for 20% of visible skin aging. It's our environment and daily habits that are responsible for 80% of the visible signs of aging with the sun being the largest contributor.

I love to have that sun-kissed look in the summer. I have a pool and looooove to read by my pool. But knowing the sun is likely the worst thing for my skin, I take extra precautions in protecting my skin...but have discovered a secret to getting a glowing tan - without the harmful rays!!! I reguarly use all Rodan + Fields products. With these products I have come up with the perfect combination for getting a great tan, without exposing myself to the damaging effects of the sun!

Here are the steps I take:

Step 1: ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen
I love this sunscreen. Before I head out with my latest "girlie" book to lounge by my pool I slather my entire body with Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen.  I love it because it is lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy. It also contains dimethicone to protect my skin’s moisture barrier, has antioxidant vitamins C and E to absorb damaging free radicals and anti-inflammatory ingredients to protect skin from environmental stress. It is by far my favorite sunscreen I have ever used.

I always re-apply after I take a dip in the pool. It is water resistant...but isn't water proof. Always remember to re-apply your sunscreen regularly throughout the day and especially after you've been in the water.

Micro dermabrasion
Step 2: ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-Dermabrasion
When I am ready to retire from my day by the pool, I take a nice long shower and use Rodan + Fields ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-Dermabrasion to exfoliate my
body.  This helps remove dead skin leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed!

Foaming Sunless Tanner
Step 3: ESSENTIALS Daily Moisturizer 
Next, I use Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Daily Moisturizer on my knees, elbows, toes, toenails, heels and ankles...This prevents the ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tanner we'll talk about in Step 4 from concentrating in those areas where the skin is thickest.

Step 4:  ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan
 The last step is ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan. This is by far the best sunless tanner I have ever used! It's a  lightweight, oil-free, mess-free and applies easily and dries quickly. It produces and even, natural-looking color all over.

Here are a few quick tips when using the foamless tanner:
have your legs, 
  • Shave you legs before applying...shaving after only reduces the life of your sun-kissed look
  • Use rubber gloves or wash your hands immediately after applying ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan to avoid getting orange palms
  • If you do make a mistake, acetone or nail polish remover can be used to remove any unintended color. 
  • Allow it to "dry to the touch" before getting dressed. 15 - 20 minutes before getting dressed is ideal.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing over your Sunless Tan for 3-4 hours after application to allow the colour to develop evenly. 
  • Use the tanner before bed. The colour develops as the proteins in your body respond to the color-inducing ingredients. This response creates that notorious smell that is often associated with self-tanning products. So it’s a good idea to apply at bed time, wear loose fitting pajamas and then shower in the morning.

Rodan + Fields products will be available in Canada in Fall 2014.

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