Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Steps to younger looking skin

We are all aging...all the time. It's inevitable, but how that looks is up to you! Using the right anti-aging products can help turn back the clock by erasing signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and even 
brown spots and rough skin patches caused by sun exposure. 

I've said this before, only 20% of how your skin ages depends on your genetics...the rest is up to you. 

Any skin that's been regularly exposed to environmental elements can be expected to show signs of aging and needs special attention to regain and maintain its youthful look...and the good news, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive procedures to regain or maintain your youthful looks.

Here are some of my recommendations.

Enemy #1 - The Sun

If there is only one piece of advice you take away from this blog post it should be "Prevent the damage." The sun is enemy number one when it comes to aging wear your sunscreen with a sun protection factor, or SPF, of 30 or higher whenever you're outside, even if it's a cloudy day! Protect your face and neck with wide-brimmed hats and your eyes with sunglasses with a UV coating. I recommend Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen. It is lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy.

Enemy #2 - Using your regimen the "odd" time

Think of your skincare regimen like going to the gym and trying to lose weight. If you eat right and go to the gym regularly, after a few weeks you'll begin to see the results...the same applies to your skincare. If you use a regimen tailored to your skin type regularly you'll begin to see results within a few weeks.If you use your regimen the odd won't get the results you want.

It's really important to choose a skincare regimen for your skin type. 

The thing I LOVE about Rodan + Fields is that they have clinically proven skincare regimens for all skin types.

This regimen erases the appearance of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness and discoloration. It exfoliates, visibly brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defends against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion.

This regimen includes cosmetic ingredients and proven peptide technology to help defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin.

SOOTHE Regimen
This regimen is clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes. It shields against the biological and environmental aggressors that can trigger inflammation, helps fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier, calms visible redness, and reduces irritation.

This regimen is clinically proven to combat the entire acne cycle. It helps unclog pores, clears breakouts and calms your complexion to keep pimples, blackheads and post-acne marks from making an unwelcome appearance.

Rodan + Fields skincare regimens will be available in Canada in August 2014. Stay tuned for more blogs to learn about the Canadian launch, skincare products and the business opportunity to be one of the first Rodan + FIelds skincare consultants in Canada.

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