Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Why Women are Leaving the Corporate World for Direct Sales

Since I have decided join a  Direct Selling organization I have been doing a lot of research on Direct Selling and have found more and more women are choosing to leave the Corporate world and enter the world of Direct Selling. After speaking with other women in other Direct Selling organizations, this is what I have come up with.
The Corporate Grind - blah, blah, blah
In the 1970’s and 1980’s,  women fell in  love with their new-found independence and the opportunity join the corporate world with the same respect as men. Many of these women paved the way for women in the corporate world now and should be applauded!  But today’s working women is just as happy to pull on her LuLuLemons and avoid the dreaded commute. Instead of dealing with office politics, professional women are falling in love with the opportunity to be their own boss, having control over their schedules, and power over their annual income.

Work-Life Balance 
As a mom and full time employee in the corporate world, I have had to sacrifice many things. Missing my son's school fields trips or plays or missing work when he is sick. Having more control over our schedules, and more time for ourselves or our families is one of the strongest motivators for women to start a network marketing business. I love the idea of being able to attend my son's hockey games, or take a break from my business to squeeze in a yoga class. Network marketing is one of those rare opportunities where we can truly have it all.
Working As Part of a Team
Most career women have worked in team environments, so the idea of leaving that kind of environment to start a business all alone is scary. I am a social person and absolutely love working as part of a team. Network marketing and direct sales offers the perfect blend, where women have full say in how they build their businesses, along with the opportunity to collaborate and receive on-going support from others.

Choose Who You Work With
Many of us have at one point dealt with a difficult boss or negative coworkers. One of the most enticing factors about direct sales is the level of choice of who your work with. As your own business, you have the final say with who work with every day, whether it's a a new customer, or new business partner. Being a "yes" woman for a boss you don't respect is something of the past!

Rewards and Incentives
Many Direct Selling companies make a huge effort to recognize and reward their consultants. They value you and your contributions, and aren’t afraid to show it. The great thing about direct selling is that Incentives are often offered at every level of business development, not just for the top sellers. Many rewards and incentives include things like cash bonuses, jewelry, exciting trips, and even cars...simply for doing a job you love, and making an income in the process. How great is that?

Low Start Up Costs 
Many direct selling companies have very low start up costs, and give you a few choices of packages you want to buy for your start-up. In addition a true direct selling organization has very little overhead month to month. The internet has really helped cut these costs even further. Customers can buy directly from you over the internet from anywhere in the country, without you having to spend any of your own money upfront.

Level Playing Field
Sadly in the year 2014, women in most professions are still being paid less than male employees, in similar positions. Although great progress has been made over the years the playing field still isn't equal. Direct sales offers a complete level playing field, where it really doesn't matter which gender you are. With 82% of the direct selling profession made up of women, more and more are rising to the top, claiming multi-six and seven figure annual incomes in the process, and modeling a new way of creating fantastic incomes for women across the world.

Savvy women everywhere are looking for the opportunity to escape the corporate world and and enter into a new rewarding career path in direct sales...and I am one of them.

Rodan + Fields is coming to Canada in August 2014. I will be one of the first consultants in Canada. Ask yourself this question...if you had the opportunity to partner with the same docotrs who created Proactiv 10 years ago, knowing what you know now about the product would you? Imagine if you had been the first to represent Mary Kay, or Avon in Canada...can you imagine where you would be now?

I would love the opportunity to connect and chat about what motivates you and together we can see if Rodan + Fields is the right fit for you.

Let's connect, I would love for you to send me a personal message at

Together we can achieve great things. 

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